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Originally from Leeds, Robyn is a London based writer, director and performer. 

Robyn began performing at a young age and started exploring writing and directing back in 2015 whilst studying at East 15 Acting School. Robyn wrote her first show 'Buzz: A musical history of the vibrator' whilst in her second year at drama school and went on to have many happy years touring the UK with her company Fat Rascal Theatre. Robyn has since written and directed for both stage and screen. She has won and been nominated for several awards including being shortlisted for a Writers Guild of Great Britain Award for Best Musical Theatre Book Writing in 2020.

Robyn is a proud multi faceted creative who's passion lies in creating fantastic funny female characters, regional stories and incorporating music wherever possible. 

She is also to this day Bargain Hunt's youngest ever contestant, a devout Stevie Nicks fan and an owner of too many coats. 

"Much of the humour is in the vein of Victoria Wood, juxtaposing high camp action with humdrum concerns. Writer and star Robyn Grant knows comedy is in the everyday."

- ★★★★★ Funny Women 

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