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Robyn predominantly directs for her own company but over the past few years has become involved in directing several external projects including youth theatre and immersive theatre. She believes her background in acting, writing and dramaturgy offer her a different approach. She is keen to get involved in new projects.

Robyn frequently collaborates with theatre maker Allie Munro as the two main directors behind Fat Rascal's work. They have a unique brand of ensemble driven staging. They are passionate about creating musical theatre which is bold, brave and relevant whilst creating exciting parts for women.

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Robyn has most recently been directing for the Birmingham Hippodrome's Musicals Young Company on a brand new musical. She has also previously directed youth productions for York Stage Experience, Drama Queens School in West London and NUE Music Theatre.

In 2018 Robyn started working with Bifrost Entertainments, a Northern production company specialising in immersive theatre. She has since worked as a director and script supervisor on two of their productions; Vikings and Black Death Zombie Experience.


Robyn will next be directing 'Hexborn’s School of Sorcery'. A brand new theatrical and dining experience which will be taking over the Vaults in Waterloo this Autumn.

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